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Sell Lumber Corporation is not your run of the mill lumber yard. Sell Lumber is a specialty lumber supplier whose main market is crane mats for the construction and mining industries. We provide these industries mats of all kinds, for all uses, including timber mats, bridge mats, swamp mats, transmission mats, and transition mats. Sell Lumber also sells used mats graded by quality and maintains a crane mat rental program.

Sell Lumber keeps a large inventory of stock on hand of Douglas Fir and Hardwood in random and specified lengths. You will also find discounted lumber in varying quantity and in a variety of dimensions on any given day.

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Mining Timbers, Crane Mats, Hardwood Crane Mats, Custom Crane Mats, Doug Fir Crane Mats, Used Crane Mats, Complete milling facility, wood treatment, trusses, heavy Construction, Northern California

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