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Is your project on a budget? You can save thousands of dollars by purchasing used crane mats. Used mats are new crane mats which have been used. I know you’re going, “No $h*!,” but it gets a little deeper than that. The wear and usage per mat determines the quality of each mat which is categorized in 3 grades; “A” grade – still in excellent condition with minimal cosmetic damage, “B” grade – still a good mat with cosmetic damage, “C” grade – this guy has been run over quite a few times, literally, but has a couple more uses out of it. Pictures are available upon request.

For used mat inventory and pricing please contact our sales office. Give us a call today! We Are Here to Take Care of You!

C a l l U s : ( 5 3 0 ) 2 4 1 – 2 0 8 5

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