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Log Cabin Fever

Original Air Date May/27/2014

Jake and Joel stay true to the homeowner’s style and makeover a backyard that is inspired by classic log cabin style architecture. A 7-foot rock covered fireplace is topped off with a hand made copper hood. Custom saw blade sculptures sit on top of live edge walls that flank the fireplace. A reclaimed crane mat deck extends through the yard with round timber rails as support. Custom furniture, new sod, and mountain like landscaping round out the yard.

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Sell Lumber took old Douglas Fir crane mats and reclaimed the 12”x12”x16’ timbers from them. After sorting them and cleaning the lumber, Sell Lumber then cut 2/4″x10″x16′ boards from the timbers which the deck for this project was built from. (Pictures below show the process of how the deck was made)

IMG_0848photo 3












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