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More About Crane Mats

Crane Matting

Nothing is more important than the matting which stabilizes the ground beneath your crane.

If the mat fails, there could be a serious or deadly accident. And this could open your company to litigation and loss of funds.

The Sell Lumbar corporation supplies top quality crane matting to the construction, building industries, and heavy equipment industries. Our range includes.

  • Hardwood crane mats that will last for years.
  • Doug fir crane mats, renowned for their durability.
  • Ultra-tough hardwood crane mats.
  • Plus reliable timber crane mats.

Construction workers from Thalle Construction guide crane matting on Sept. 8, 2016, at the Raw Water Storage Impoundment site. The impoundment is part of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project.

Custom Crane Mats

In addition to this, we also design and build custom crane mats, of any size and specification.

And unlike other people in this business, we use only the strongest, finest A-Grade lumbar when constructing our mats. They are built according to the highest standards of engineering possible. This ensures longevity, high performance and most importantly strength, dependability, and toughness.

Used Crane Mats

If your budget is tight, we can supply you with affordable, used crane mats, which are still dependable, and up to standard.

Sell lumbar guarantees trouble free, purchase and installation. Our team of trustworthy experts are standing by to help. Call (530) 241-2085 now for inquiries and quotes.