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What is a Crane mat?

Sell Lumber offers the best timber crane mats for your construction needs. Timber Crane mats create a solid, secure base for supporting cranes, dozers, and other heavy construction equipment. Crane mats are also ideal for use in bridging streams, ditches or crossing uneven and rugged terrain. Lumber has provided construction mats for over 40 years. No matter what weather or ground conditions you must work in, Sell Lumber offers the quality Crane mats and skids you need with the customer service and reliability that you deserve. At Lumber, we construct and carry crane mats for sale or rent. Our crane mats resist extreme pressure from heavy equipment as well as adverse weather and unstable ground conditions. We can build a variety of widths, thicknesses, and lengths. Our mats are an excellent choice for protecting the ground, equipment, and workers while building. They help keep you on schedule, ensuring the work site stays accessible through harsh weather and across all kinds of terrain. We also offer pipeline skids, in any size needed to support your project. Timber crane mats are always end coated for protection against rot which can help prevent splitting, providing a stronger, longer lasting mat. Most timber mats, bridge mats, and crane mats for sale are 8″–12″ thick and come in 4′ or 5′ widths. Crane mats for rent or sale can be as short or long as you like. Standard lengths tend to be 16′, 20′, 24′. But any size is available by order.

What’s the best mat to use for your application?

There are many external factors that need to be considered; Ground conditions? Equipment being used? (Weight, Width, tracked or rubber tire, turning radius, etc.) Length of the project? Space available on site? Delivery/Unload process? So, choosing the right Mat or for your project application is more involved then you think. With answers to these questions, Sell Lumber can help identify the best Crane Mat for your project? Having the right temporary or permanent mated roads on your project makes all the difference for Employee safety and equipment efficiency.

What is the cheapest/fastest option to get the mats I need?

When it comes to matting, there are many options out there. There are many thicknesses, sizes, grades, hardware and durability decisions to make. Depending on your use, whether it is continuous or temporary we can get you what you need. When it comes to cost, we know that Crane Mats can end up being an after thought on your project. We have different options we can offer, and will work with you to get exactly what you need for the best possible price. If it is speed you are looking for we keep a large inventory on hand for those unplanned jobsite problems. Whether it is Douglas Fir, Hardwood, composite, laminated, access, permanent or temporary, in standard or custom sizes we will get your ground level and covered.

What are the differences in Crane mat options?

Whether It’s crane mats, hardwood mats, laminated or any other natural wood ground covering, they are less expensive than any type of composite mat. While composite mats last longer, they are difficult to store much more expensive and some environmental type projects require natural products that can’t damage the landscape. Unlike wood mats, composite mats will never decompose and will last indefinitely littering the landscape. Also, we offer buyback programs on the wood mats. If they are in usable condition give us a call and we may buy and pick them up for you, which can save tremendously on your jobs bottom line.

Is there any engineering data for crane mats or bridge mats?

Since standard wood crane mats are not an engineered product, there is no exact data that can be provided for them. We can provide the psi of the Douglas fir or the hardwood you are interested in and an engineer can work up a number based on your specific project and their use. However, since most composite mats are engineered, we can provide some data on the options we offer in a composite product.

What’s the lifespan of a mat?

Every mat out there has an expiration date. Depending on your particular use, Location, machinery being used, handling, storage and choice of mat type. If cared for correctly and not used in an extreme environment a wood mat can last several years. That’s why our used mat and rental program are so successful. Cost savings can be passed on to you without worrying about the integrity of your mat. When a used mat comes into our facility it is thoroughly inspected for damage before it is sent back out. Other mat companies have used mats of a very questionable quality for the same price as our full inspected products.

What type of mat would you recommend for use with a large excavator?

Most large excavator operators tend to request 8” thick mats. Although we make 8” thick mats, we regularly stock 12”x4’x16’, 20’ & 24’ Douglas fir mats. With the increased thickness of these mats you have a much stronger product and a longer lifespan from machinery wear. Also the cost per board foot is cheaper than an 8” mat due to the decrease in manufacturing time and waste.
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