Transition Mats

Transition Ramps (aka Entry/Ramps Mats)
transition mat

These mats allow trucks, excavators, and all types of heavy machinery to reach matted access roads and other project sites easily. Transition mats are all custom made to your specific project needs. This allows us to account for additonal features for safety. Such as holes for mounting rods when they are used inverted. This keeps the mat ancored in place on steep slopes, allowing equipment to be level and stable on an angled surface.

Each Transition/Entry Mat is made safer by notching a 3”x9” opening, exposing 1-1/4″ lifting bolts (on each end), countersinking all nuts and ensuring that any long bolts are flush to the surface of the mat to minimize tripping. These small steps greatly reduce the risk of on-the-job injuries. To ensure the strength of the mats, durring use and moveing from job to job, we install rods at specific hights and widths on the mat to reduce any chance of blowout or brakeage around a rod. And finally we trim the tips back to a 2"-3" thickness to keep the tapered ends from chiping or splintering, with safety paint on the ends to prevent tripping hazards.

We can custom manufacture transition mats to any job specifications you might have.

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