Heavy Construction Timbers

Heavy Construction Timbers

Sell Lumber has been providing industrial timber products to the construction industry for over 40 years. In addition to what we stock in our yard year-round, we also have the ability to order specialty sizes, species and treatments as well as make custom cuts to meet the requirements of your job.

What are these huge heavy construction timbers used for?

Large timbers are still a primary tool for many industrial job sites. From concrete falsework to bridge supports, timbers have a building flexibility over other products that just can’t be engineered. Strong fibers that can support heavy weights and are a renewable source with lower cost of manufacturing over steel. Industry projects that use heavy timbers include:

  • Above ground pipelines
  • Railroad and Marine ties
  • Underground tunnels
  • Oil & fuel manufacturing
  • Canals and Flumes
  • Wastewater processing
  • Power lines and utilities support
  • Concrete falsework
  • City and state infrastructure
  • Lagging & Retaining walls

What species is best for industrial use?

Lumber uses vary widely depending on the engineering requirements for the job and its location. But the most common products we ship out are made of douglas fir or an oak species. Both variations have a very close specifications for these heavy timber projects and can be interchanged in a lot of scenarios. (See your engineer for details on your project.)

What grade do I need for my project?
There are many variables that can contribute to breakage and warping in a board. Incorrect material handling, improper storage, drastic weather changes, and sometimes the tree just wants to do what it wants with no real explanation. You can find multiple calculations on line for how to determine the grade you will need for your project. But properly engendered and inspected blueprints by a professional is always suggested. Depending on the species of wood and your location the agency the sets the regulations for lumber grading and vary. A few agencies to look into are; West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau, National Lumber Grades Authority, The American Wood Council, and the National Hardwood Lumber Association to name a few. An example of a strength chart is shown below. Each agency has its own set of lumber rules for different areas. Be sure to check with your engineer for proper spec requirements.

What are the types of timber products are used in heavy construction?

There are hundreds of timber products that can be custom milled to order in any spec, size, and shape. With an engineered set of blueprints, sell lumber has the equipment on site to meet almost any order. With over 65 years in milling, we also have partnerships to create Special ordered material. Standard instock items include:

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