Lagging and Shoring

Lagging and Shoring lumber

Lagging and shoring lumber can be used in projects like underground infrastructure, mines, and pipelines. Sell Lumber provides many grades, treatments and finishes for lagging and shoring material depending your project guidelines.



Vertical soldier piles and horizontal lagging are used to retain soil from construction sites. Soldier pile and lagging walls are a commonly used system for supporting excavations in urban environments where property lines, roads, utilities or other obstacles can make inclined or stepped digs problematic.

Soldier piles are placed prior to excavation. Typically steel, ‘H-piles’ are drilled or driven at regular intervals along the planned excavation perimeter. The wood Lagging is placed behind the front piles as the excavation continues. The lagging efficiently resists the load of the retained soil and transfers it to the piles. The walls can be designed as temporary walls or permanent walls.

There is also a new design using access pannels as a fast lightweight option for temporary lagging. Contact the office for additional details.


Shoring lumber and beams are often used to stabilize a structure or excavations. When deep excavations are required, adjacent buildings, streets, and equipment must be protected with strong shoring timbers. Retaining walls reinforced with shoring can also be secured with cable and anchors.

The strength and resilience of Douglas fir, optionally combined with the long-term pressure treatment protection, yields a construction material that has been providing reliable service for decades.

Treated Douglas fir lumber is ideal for lagging, whether temporary or permanent, to prevent collapse of earthwork. It is also an economical choice; Douglas fir is a readily available species grown on managed timberlands in western states.

Lagging options available include 3x12, 4x12 & 6x12 Douglas fir timbers, rough or surfaced. Other sizes can be supplied on a special-order basis. These timbers and beams can be treated to meet your specific project requirements or building code standards, and are approved by the American Wood Protection Association.

We offer Douglas Fir and mixed hardwood. We have a large inventory in stock and can provide treated or non-treated and cut-to-length orders. Sell Lumber can provide you with your specific project needs.

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