Pipeline Skids/Cradles/Saddles

Pipeline Support

Skids, Cradles, Saddles, or blocking, if your project is in need of pipeline supports, we stock many sizes to fit your needs.

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Transporting a round object on a moving vessel requires you to have the right stabilization to hold the product and protect the equipment transporting it. Large pipelines are essential to distribute fuels, water, and other resources used by numerous industries as well as some residential applications. When running long lengths of pipe over large distances, pipe cradles prevent pipe from bending, which can cause damage to pipe or its surroundings.

Steel cantilever racking is not only expensive, it is also limited in the diameters available to order. Wooden pipe cradles provide a safe and supportive storage option for pipes and can be custom milled to hold any diameter. Double sided timber cradles also enable companies to store more pipes vertically and reduce your warehouse storage footprint.

Timber cradles can be manufactured to support storage tanks, containers, motors, turbines, wide wheels, or anything cylindrical.
Having a cradle crafted to your specifications, ensures that the stored equipment container will fit snuggly into the cradle you ordered.

What sizes are available?

All Cradles are made to order. We keep standard size timbers in stock for fast delivery, but larger custom sizes can be ordered. Whether you need cradles for small or large pipe work, we custom fabricate the cradles to your specifications. With douglas fir and hardwood options we can get you the most cost-effective option while still holding to Sell Lumber’s superior standards.






What types for cradles are there?

We can manufacture Single Sided (for bottom stacks) and Double Sided (for in between stacks). The double sided can have off-set cradles or standard. Cradles can have a single cradle, up to ten or more depending on the diameter and layout of your pipe.
Optional heat or pressure treatment available to meet your specs, we can also comply with ISPM 15 export requirements.

How do I order a custom pipe support?

To order custom pipe supports simply provide the dimensions you are looking for to one of our estimators. If a drawing cannot be provided, we will create one for your approval.
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